Keskitalo, Joose - New songs for old motifs LP

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Keskitalo, Joose - New songs for old motifs LP
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Joose Keskitalon englanninkielinen albumi New Songs for Old Motifs julkaistaan vinyylinä ja kasettina 23.4.

Joose Keskitalo is an acknowledged Finnish songwriter who has released 10 albums since 2004. He is also part of the Paavoharju collective that has occasionally reactivated in recent years. "New Songs for Old Motifs" is his first album consisting of original material in English. In 2019 he released an album of English versions of songs from his back catalogue, under the moniker H.C. Slim.
Writing and singing in English is actually quite natural for Keskitalo as he lived in London for a period of time as a child. The songs on "New Songs For Old Motifs" range from the wistful to the ominous, incorporating elements from both British and American folk traditions. One can also hear echoes of for example Leonard Cohen and Will Oldham. The arrangements are minimal and earthy, creating a quietly mesmerizing album.

A. Side
1. Johnny´s Gone to the Greenwoods
2. Gone and Never Returning
3. The Doors
4. Will You Go A-hunting
5. Sea of Visions
6. Days of plenty

B. Side
1. Sally Dear
2. Hard Food for Midas
3. Disaster Comes Our Way
4. Ill Blows the Wind
5. I Will Not Be Your Dog
6. Woman You Do Me Wrong