Shauf, Andy - Wilds (Limited) LP

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Shauf, Andy - Wilds (Limited) LP
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Canadian musician Andy Shauf pens songs that explore universal truths through picaresque vignettes, from the colorful people-watching observations of 2016’s The Party to the tale of a failed relationship explained over one night at a local watering hole on last year’s The Neon Skyline. But Shauf has never exactly been held up as a confessional sort of songwriter, even though underneath the carefully plotted narratives and conceptual storylines, he’s always been writing about himself.

Wilds might change that. A collection of nine songs culled from around fifty tracks recorded by the prolific Shauf during the writing of The Neon Skyline and presented in a near-unfiltered form, the unstudied rawness of the songs on Wilds is a revealing look at Shauf’s mindset during the time he was writing Skyline—what he calls “a glimpse into the window of how chaotic things were”—as well as a peek into the creative process behind a proper Andy Shauf studio album, a snapshot of how the multi-instrumentalist first begins building his songs into more ornately arranged final products.

Side A – 14:22
Judy (Wilds) - 2:45
Spanish On The Beach - 2:34
Jaywalker - 3:12
Call - 2:59
Television Blue - 2:52

Side B – 12:14
Green Glass - 3:53
Wicked and Wild - 2:26
Believe Me - 3:05
Jeremy’s Wedding (Wilds) - 2:49