Kuunatic - Gate of Klüna LP

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Kuunatic - Gate of Klüna LP
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KUUNATIC is a thrilling Tokyo based tribal-psych trio bolstered by diverse global sonics and powerful female vocals. Drawing on the members’ different musical and cultural perspectives, their music explores ritual drumming, pulsing bass lines, atmospheric keyboard sounds and Japanese traditional instruments.

Having previously released an EP (“Kuurandia” / 2017) as well as a split 7” (with Taiwanese fuzz psych garage band Crocodelia), “Gate of Klüna” is KUUNATIC’s much awaited debut album. Produced by Tim DeWit (Gang Gang Dance) the record reveals a mesmerizing soundworld that transcends genres and hemispheres and succeeds in being both boldly experimental and wildly catchy.

KUUNATIC are Fumie Kikuchi on keys and vocals, Yuko Araki on drums and vocals and Shoko Yoshida on bass and vocals.

1. Dewbow 05:42
2. Desert Empress Pt. 1 06:20
3. Desert Empress Pt. 2 03:44
4. Full Moon Spree 02:47
5. Tītián 04:38
6. Lava Naksh 06:40
7. Raven's War 06:49
8. Para Bennyà 06:25