Aarni, Olli - Tuokioita LP

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Aarni, Olli - Tuokioita LP
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On this LP you hear two kanteles built by the Master Luthier Rauno Nieminen. One of them is a copy of a historical instrument built by the folk poet Ontrei Malinen in 1833. It is carved from single piece of pine, and it has five bronze strings. The other one is carved from a single piece of spruce. Its lowest seven strings are bronze, and highest three strings are English iron. On most tracks the two kanteles are played simultaneously.

For me, playing these instruments is searching for meaningful ways to interact with wooden objects from another time. By choosing a set of 5 to 15 frequencies and plucking them, I'm able to think, feel, and imagine more than I could without the instruments. the patterns that emerge from the vibrating strings give temporal shapes to thoughts.

The music on this album is improvised. It was recorded at home after dark and outdoors in daylight during 2020-2022. No overdubs or edits were made afterwards. On the last track the kantele is accompanied by detritus gathered from the forest floor.

Tuokioita translates to moments. This music is about coloring time.

Dedicated to Mia, who also came up with the album title.

- Olli Aarni

A1 Tuuli Puiden Välissä 03:33
A2 Kukkapeitto 03:33
A3 Haljeta 03:47
A4.Kun Tulee Hämärä 06:46
A5 Katsellessa Lokkien Pesää 04:43

B1 Pimeän Täyttöä 03:37
B2 Ikkuna Auki Uneen 03:57
B3 Rakeinen Ilma 06:28
B4 Lupaukset 04:52