Faust - Momentaufnahme IV CD

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Faust - Momentaufnahme IV CD
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Faust is a group of artists who shared intense musical experiences in the years 1971–1974. Supported by producer Uwe Nettelbeck and sound engineer Kurt Graupner, they produced an immense array of recordings in a studio in Wümme which had been set up just for them. Two compact album productions followed, recorded at the Manor (21st–31st March 1973) and Musicland Studios (6th–12th May 1974). This album presents a selection of recordings from this period, documenting their creative versatility and explosive dynamism. Some tracks are extremely raw and experimental, others are fully rounded productions. A collection of un- released snapshots which offer a wonderful insight into the world of Faust. This volume includes recordings which have been previously released on other compilations such as “71 Minutes” and “BBC Sessions+”. When reviewing this material for this compilation some titles have been changed, e.g. “Can’t Fly Away”, “Children’s Toy Etude”, “Beglückte Schlagbohrmaschine”, “Stay Or Leave” have been released as “Party 1”, “Party 8”, “Party 6” and “Party 9” previously and “Woke Up Outside The Dust Bin” was “Chromatic”.

1 Can't Fly Away
2 25 Yellow Doors
3 Lieber Herr Deutschland
4 Schwindebek III
5 Children's Toy Etude
6 Beglyckte Schlagbohrmaschine
7 Stay Or Leave
8 Das Meer
9 So Far (Alternative Version)
10 Transformationsrolle
11 Woke Up Outside the Dust Bin
12 We Are the Hollow Men